Swim lessons

Penguins aGes 3-5

Emphasis on water comfort and basic safety.  Activities include putting their head under water, kicking, paddling and jumping into the pool.

Penguins ages 5+

Being comfortable in the water, introduced to backstroke and freestyle.  Activities include pushing off the wall and  jumping into the shallow end of the lap pool.  Kids will also learn to swim with out a flotation device on.

Sea Lions

Emphasis on body position and deep end comfort. The kids will be introduced to multiple types of dives and treading water as well as continuing working on strokes (freestyle and backstroke).


Emphasis on new strokes and endurance.  The kids will be introduced to breast stroke, side stroke and dolphin kick and continue working on new dives and bettering ones already taught.


For pre-swim team kids. Emphasis is on improving all strokes and working on flip turns, circle swimming and diving off the blocks.